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Michel Elias A

Michel Elias

The purpose of this CANCER FREE NOW web page is to help people all over the world who have cancer and/or who want to prevent cancer and access the most effective anti-cancer therapies available.

My name is Michel Elias and I work in the Health and Fitness field and when my mother Lody found out she had lung cancer and the doctors only gave her 1 year to live I knew I had to find a better option than what the medical world were offering my mother.

Usually it’s the medical doctor that first discovers a person has cancer and they bring enormous pressure and fear upon you to accept chemotherapy and radiation.

I respected my mother’s decision to submit to the chemo/radiation combo but at the same time I knew this chemo/radiation combo had horrible side effects so I added several natural remedies along with the medical approach.

I especially relied on the Dr. Budwig protocol as per the BUDWIG CENTER programs and the Rick Simpson oil (RSO) or commonly called Cannabis oil (made from the bud of the hemp plant).

We started treating my mother in June 2013 for 6 weeks here in Canada and by July 2013 instead of being dead as the doctors said she would be we had outstanding success! The collapsed lung opened up completely, suspicious nodes that showed prior on PET scan located behind clavicles – All GONE, all lungs are clear, no NEW lesions at all.
The Initial diagnosis in April of primary tumor has shrunk and primary Lymph node right beside tumor unchanged and no new evidence of spread at all. (I assume tumor and lymph node are dead tissue by now). She’s breathing great, on the treadmill for 20 min daily, gained 10lbs back, and getting better and better!

Daily my mother consumed the high concentrate of Cannabis oil with very high THC & some CBDs and also did vaporizing with it throughout this whole treatment. It definitely helped this outcome. They down staged her. She is still on it at 1 gr / night of the RSO in suppositories and vaporizes several times per day. We are NOT stopping this RSO and believe that she will always be on a low dose for life.

Also my mother has been on an alkaline diet since her diagnosis, no dairy, no red meat, not coffee, no sugar.

RIFE TIME session

RIFE TIME session

Also I got her the RIFE TIME machine which is part of the BUDWIG CENTER program and use it three times a day at the different frequencies that destroy the cancer viruses as well as many harmful parasites and pathogens. As for supplements she takes: Vit D3, iodine, Probiotics, Magnesium, Hemp oil, Fish oil, Flax oil with cottage cheese a instructed by the BUDWIG CENTER, Vit C (2000mg), medicinal mushrooms, Juices Organic carrots and apples daily.

We also found the pure essential oil combinations which are part of the BUDWIG CENTER program very helpful and in addition we rub Magnesium oil on her chest nightly along with Lugols iodine.

I also took her to a biological dentist and we removed all toxic teeth(root canals) and gave her same day post extractions intravenous Vit C for any mercury toxicity and other contaminants.

She had great results after 3 scans of GREAT NEWS in late July 2013, late September and Jan 2014. The last scan in January 2014 showed significant shrinkage of tumor and is calcified (dead tissue), no evidence of anything else!

Eating the Dr. Budwig mixture

Eating the Dr. Budwig mixture

I also researched further and found that there are Vaccines that work for Lung Cancer NSCLC with advanced and localized stages and found that Cuba has one that boost immune system and keeps disease at bay and aids in the prevention of relapse. I also met a few patients diagnosed with stage 4 that take it and have been almost 5 years clear ! Why doesn’t north America have this ?!!!?!!!

This Vaccine is called: CimaVax EGF . So I found a travel company in Canada that organizes medical trips to Cuba and went with mom for 5 days to Cuba to get Vaccine done (it’s called induction period of Vaccine)and all went well!

She has been on it for 1.5 months and she seems wonderful ! so I feel that the with : Vaccine, Cannabis oil, Dr. Budwig food plan, RIFE TIME machine, essential oils and exercise and now I added the Serra-Peptase enzyme to get rid of all dead tissue/tumors in her lungs. I was able to give mom her life back from this deadly disease, it’s been a year and she’s better that ever !!!!

In health to all!

Michel Elias A.